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    EGS Strip Slaying

    Tedd's got this covered
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    EGS Strip Slaying

    Get that barn door closed people!
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    No. A flying hall monitor would interfere with the ability of the students to see the murals.
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    Well, I finally got caught up with reading the NP comics I missed only to land in this debate. So for what it's worth - Goonmanji II should not be a video game. It should be a spectator sport with mandatory audience participation. Could you imagine the disclaimers on the tickets or Pay-Per-View receipts to meet the "Informed Consent" requirements?
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    Tom Sewell

    Story Friday July 21, 2017

    Pandora just became one of Tedd's favorite people. She's a mother who's stayed by her son for centuries.
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    Story Wednesday February 22, 2017

    And suddenly certain things click, like one reason I like Elliot so much. In him, I see a small reflection of my son. A story, by way of explanation: My son is 19. Lives with me now, but when he was living with his mom, there was a girl he dated towards the end of middle school. That ended when her folks moved her to another school precisely because they (being pretentious religious jackasses) didn't approve of him. High school comes along and he finds himself back in the same school as her. By this time, she's started to try to sort out identity issues and has a fairly serious girlfriend. To my son, this is no big deal; the only part that weirds him out at all is that he is the one his ex comes to for relationship advice, and being a friend he listens. I got the impression he may have been one of a very few who did that. Advance a couple of years. My son's ex is still with the same girlfriend (partly due to having my son as a good listener), but has realized that he (here's where I'm changing pronouns) is trans. Again, my son doesn't bat an eyelash; he just goes on supporting his friend. So the last panel on today's comic -- that hits home in an unexpected way. A good way.
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    NP: Monday, February 13, 2017

    Hey, is that some sort of demonic duct tape?
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    Reasoned discussion, perhaps? Or good Lord, constructive criticism? The sort of stuff that gets mentioned in the FAQ?
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    Story, Friday June 23, 2017

    Sorry, I'm not N2 that kind of thing.
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    Tom Sewell

    Story Friday April 28, 2017

    So did Sirleck leave the butler all his dead host's money? Or did Sirleck just have to get whatever host he could get right away? On the other hand, after whatever villainy Sirleck is about to commit, maybe he could jump to another host. Then everyone will think the butler did it.
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    Pharaoh RutinTutin

    Things You Find Amusing

    In honor of Earth Day, I shall be spending this entire day on Earth.
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    Story Wednesday March 22 2017

    Well, I did say most boyfriends.... I bought it from the Disney World gift shop after discovering I'd forgotten to pack anything to sleep in, and it was definitely labeled as either a "sleep shirt" or "nightie," I forget which. This is the same company from which I have since purchased both shackles (from the Pirates of the Carribean ride's gift shop) and "Imperial Binders" (from the Star Wars gift shop), so they are either kinkier than they let on, or more oblivious/naïve than a megacorp has any right to be. ;-)
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    I never understood why this was a big deal. A King from Memphis is seen among the living many years after his death? Been there. Done that.
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    Sweveham, I've enjoyed having you and your contributions here. You will be missed but I hope you will find pastures greener elsewhere. And if you feel like peeking in from time to time, you will always be welcome.
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    http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2423 Apparently even possessed siblings fight as soon as they get in the car.
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    Griffins are awesome

    I'm on the road and only have a tiny notebook and a silly pencil to draw with, but I felt Diane slowly becoming a main character deserved some sort of recognition. Her pupils are nearly as big as the pencil lead. It's hard drawing small. Anyway, here we have Diane, with a summoned lance, sitting on Tara. I regret not making the lance glow. I thought the griffin would be hard to draw, but nope. Seems I'm quite good at griffins. Diane, though ... I couldn't figure out what her old outfit would look like sitting down, her head is 2 sizes too big, and her pose is WAY out. And I think she's been hitting the donuts. I might try again when I get home and do a better one. (FYI Tara is based on the one that is just about to get hit with a soccer ball while chasing Cheerleadra, but I couldn't make it look right with Dan's style of wing so I made my own up)
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    Story Wednesday Addams October 25, 2017

    Three people of different ethnicities walk into a bar. They forget how exactly the joke is supposed to go, and realize that it's racist, and ...hey, is that some sort of demonic duck?
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    HEY! Be nice to the members of the Danish Parliament! You can't just... just... ...excuse me. I was trying to come up with a reason as to why you should be nice to them, but for some reason I came up with a complete blank.
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    Story Monday July 24, 2017

    I dunno, the way Pandora said "memoirs from my...previous self" and Disco Wizard's "Previous self? But magic last changed...." seemed to strongly imply that it was the life just before Pandora's current one. Compare that to when Pandora was talking to Sarah about the lie, Pandora said "Some earlier version of me" which would admittedly be very vague about which past life decided to pass on the lie to the next, could have been her previous life, could have been 5 lives back. Sarah seemed to has assumed previous life as well, but I don't think Pandora would even know what point the lie started to even try to correct Sarah, I doubt Pandora was in the mood to make any expositions about it either. I feel like saying "my previous self" as opposed to "a previous self" might be a big difference in context.
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    Story Wednesday July 19, 2017

    I did not see that coming. I thought Tedd would be needing hugs but it looks like Pandora is the one who does. Tedd reaching out to Pandora doesn't surprise me. As you said, he is a protector/healer who is at heart a tremendously sensitive soul. What has surprised me is how much strength Tedd has shown in hearing hard truths about his life. Really, his parents as well have underestimated him, even Edward who should know him best. I get it, the desire to protect can blind you, but Tedd, with the help of his friends, especially Elliott and Grace, isn't the bomb waiting to go off that Ellen fears.
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    The Old Hack

    For HarJit and Illjwamh

    The Moderator: I would like to take this small occasion to thank two of our regular forumgoers, HarJit and Illjwamh, for going above and beyond to make the forums a good place. HarJit for their unceasing work with the Greasemonkey scripts to improve the forums and Illjwamh for patient dedication with sharing statistics and character appearances. I have pinned the Greasemonkey thread for ease of access. Illjwamh's Crazy Counting Guy thread, of course, is already pinned. Once again, thank you both. ~tOH.
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    Your coffee maker is a self-aware AI. It passed the Keurig test...
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    Story Wednesday June 28, 2017

    Considering that magic is jerking him around, i'd say his reaction is justified.
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    Story Wednesday June 28, 2017

    Tedd's reaction doesn't bode well. However I love Pandora's response in the last panel.
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    NP Monday June 12, 2017

    Uh, Grace? This is Dan you're talking to. Perhaps a more effective threat would be, "We won't playfully tickle Ellen until our demands are met!"
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    Story: Monday, May 8th, 2017

    A different moral angle has been introduced to the story. Tedd has been concerned about giving everyone the ability to resist magic. What if he concentrated on giving everyone the ability to become the gender that best suits them instead? I can see f!Elliot talking about this in Tedd's basement. What would Tedd's reaction be, especially concerning the discovery of his own gender-fluidity and how the TF gun (and now his spell) facilitates what he feels?
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    What Are You Ingesting?

    I have good feelings about Sonic. Here is why. David is my brother. And where he says 15 years, this was written a long time ago. He posts in every April 19th. As a side note, I posted this to BofhNet many years ago, which caused a Swedish bofh to stop at a Sonic on the 1st or 2nd day of a six-week long "drive across America" vacation. His kids liked Sonic so much that he changed his route a little so that they would be in a town with a Sonic as often as possible
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    The Weather.

    You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.
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    Story Friday April 7, 2017

    Fixed that for you.
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    EGS Strip Slaying

    I think we need to assist Elliot with his "reasonable doubt" defence.
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    Things You Find Amusing

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    Things That Make You Happy

    I woke up at about two-thirty this morning to a kitten on my chest. I dunno if he got in through the door or someone let him in and put him there, but it was cute. He sat there for a bit, laid down and slept for a bit, played around chasing my fingers under the sheets, and just generally being adorable.
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    Pharaoh RutinTutin

    EGS TvTropes pages

    What makes an artist express himself by telling the story of gender bending high school kids? All art is madness. Celebrate Insanity.
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    http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2312 Bless you, Elliot. I knew we could rely on you.
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    Story: Friday February 10, 2017

    Hmm, I don't see Grace really having a "genderfluid" mentality so much as an "agender" mentality. What I meant was that Elliot is the one person who could possibly relate to Tedd's internal struggle over what gender to be. Ellen has had a bit of gender dysphoria too, but she chose to go for fem and not turn back, so to speak, whereas Tedd and Elliot have wrestled with the question in more of a back-and-forth manner.
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    Damn, Amazon Prime is getting efficient.
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    Don Edwards

    Story Wednesday Jan 25 2017

    The solution to reliability issues: get rid of the scriptwriters. And on the software side, you'd be amazed what percentage of code is dedicated to preventing the users from screwing things up. Software would be much easier without users.
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    Baker is finally ready for his close-up on his throne:
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    Story, Friday July 28, 2017

    Maplestrip made a comment on discord about this being the first time Tedd's been praised for changing sex and it got me wondering if Pandora's trying to build Tedd's confidence to be able to talk to Edward about being genderfluid? The way Pandora's going about teaching Tedd about his abilities seems so much different than how she taught Adrian, Panel 2 of the last page of the Legacy chapter shows Pandora looking like she's being very strict, very serious about training Adrian to be able to defend himself and such. My guess is she's realized that how she taught Adrian might have influenced how Adrian taught Edward and Noriko and how they turned out. I can see her wanting to make sure that didn't get perpetuated through Tedd.
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    Last Post Wins

    Run fur your life! /me is coming!
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    EGS Strip Slaying

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    The Old Hack

    Story Friday March 31, 2017

    Oh Elliot. You want so badly to apologise but can't make yourself reopen an old wound. So you do all you can to show Tedd now how much you accept what he is. I think I love Elliot more now than I ever have before.
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    More Speculation.

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    Pharaoh RutinTutin

    Story Comic Delay

    There is a reason we built that country in a sandbox.
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    OK, so an idea I just had might still be considered pinup material, it could also be possible sketchbook material along the lines of of the "EGS Soccer team" set. Since Dan's current patreon funding allows for 2 doubles, would it be possible to get a suggestion of "Sarah and Ashley playing volleyball" as well as "f!Tedd and Heidi playing volleyball" to get 1st and 2nd in the poll with the hopes that Dan would draw them in such a way that you could put the images side by side and have the net in the middle?