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    Ah. This actually strengthens an old idea of mine: that it was the absence of Elliot in his world that helped to create Lord Tedd. Also, I had once before speculated on the possibility of targeting Elliot to get at Tedd. I am rather sorry to see my hypothesis confirmed in this way. :/
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    No. A flying hall monitor would interfere with the ability of the students to see the murals.
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    Everything is up in the air again! Are Susan and Diane really sisters? Will Tedd confront Magic about his disappointment? Will PharaohRutinTutin's pyramid mortgage be foreclosed? Is mlooney's dishwasher secretly summoning Nyarlathotep? Is CritterKeeper really The Old Hack's maiden aunt? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT YEAR OF EGS! SAME EGS-HOMEPAGE, SAME EGS-FORUMS!
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    Three quarters of a century ago, the Nazis, the Gestapo and all its odious apparatus overran my homeland Denmark. Ignoring peace treaties and all civilised decency they stripped my home of its freedom and independence, reduced it to a mere cog in their war machine, a stepping stone for its conquest of Norway. As time passed, they gradually tightened the screws, taking away all our own mechanisms of government, arresting and imprisoning our police force and eventually inflicting their merciless acts of genocide on Danish homosexuals, Gypsies, disabled, Jews -- anyone that did not meet their nightmarish ideals of Aryan perfection. My family had to flee to Sweden to survive and not everyone made it to safety. Of those that did not, few survived, none of them unmarked. But the darkness that had fallen across Europe did not last. Eventually a restless giant stirred in its sleep, awoke, and rose to come to the rescue of the Old World. Many nations fought the evils of the Nazis. Of those, few brought as much, sacrificed as much as America did. That war is long gone now, but I have not forgotten. I and my family directly owe our lives, home and freedom to America and her people. To the soldiers who fought so long and hard, to the working men and women in the factories, to the ordinary people who made the marvelous industry of the giant work and run when it was needed the most. To fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters who sacrificed so much, lost so many they loved. To all of America's people, whatever race or creed, for all of them paid for that war, for that freedom I now have today. Many years have passed since then. America has changed, since. Grown, and suffered growing pains. She is not perfect and never has been, but she still struggles to improve and make herself better. And precisely this is why America is great: because she always tries to be better. I will give the last word to my father, who feels this debt as keenly as I do. He is certain that whatever troubles America is enduring she will in the fullness of time rise above them -- because Americans are their own harshest critics, because they cannot rest while they believe injustice reigns. It has been so for two and a half centuries. And that much, at least, has not changed. And so, in this dark time of vitriol and partisanship and division, do not forget your roots. America IS great. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I believe in you. Thank you all.
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    This is one of the things I love about this forum -- our moderators are reasonable people who aren't afraid to apologize when they make a mistake, and to do so just as publicly as the mistaken warning was made. (I know usually we aren't supposed to comment publicly on Moderator actions, but in this case I felt like it was worth risking it ;-) ) Back on topic, I recall Jerry referring to parties where one or more Immortals named Zeus get into a fight...so it looks like Pandora really *is* an introvert!
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    And suddenly certain things click, like one reason I like Elliot so much. In him, I see a small reflection of my son. A story, by way of explanation: My son is 19. Lives with me now, but when he was living with his mom, there was a girl he dated towards the end of middle school. That ended when her folks moved her to another school precisely because they (being pretentious religious jackasses) didn't approve of him. High school comes along and he finds himself back in the same school as her. By this time, she's started to try to sort out identity issues and has a fairly serious girlfriend. To my son, this is no big deal; the only part that weirds him out at all is that he is the one his ex comes to for relationship advice, and being a friend he listens. I got the impression he may have been one of a very few who did that. Advance a couple of years. My son's ex is still with the same girlfriend (partly due to having my son as a good listener), but has realized that he (here's where I'm changing pronouns) is trans. Again, my son doesn't bat an eyelash; he just goes on supporting his friend. So the last panel on today's comic -- that hits home in an unexpected way. A good way.
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    Hey, is that some sort of demonic duct tape?
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    Dear Big Fashion, Regarding your advertisement in the January 18, 2017 EGS NP comic. Please stop. Outerwear without the ability to carry something other that itself and the person wearing it is a waste of fabric.
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    As for why Jerry doesn't tell them that directly? Did you see the look on Susan's face? Nanase is a dangerous warrior and Susan can summon magic weapons. If any humans can hurt an immortal who reset less than a year ago, it would be them.
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    I hope Edward doesn't swing it. DNA testing requires expensive and fragile equipment. I would hope Edward handles government property like that with care.
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    I like talking to myself. That way I always have an attentive audience no matter how inane and idiotic my rambling gets. My shrink tells me that talking to yourself, to include answering yourself, isn't a bad thing, as long as you know you are doing that. It's when you talk to yourself and you think you are talking to someone else that life gets, as he puts, "somewhere between not real good and very very bad".
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    Maybe a series of "You're Always Covered" adds? "My house got stomped flat by a monster!" "That was actually a tornado, but even if it was a monster you'd still be covered."
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    Nope. And on that thought, Ashley and Elliot are both dorks, so it would have been the will of Magic to get them together, it wasn't just a coincidence that Elliot just had to morph at the time that Ashley went to talk to him about Susan.
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    So did Sirleck leave the butler all his dead host's money? Or did Sirleck just have to get whatever host he could get right away? On the other hand, after whatever villainy Sirleck is about to commit, maybe he could jump to another host. Then everyone will think the butler did it.
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    In honor of Earth Day, I shall be spending this entire day on Earth.
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    Well, I did say most boyfriends.... I bought it from the Disney World gift shop after discovering I'd forgotten to pack anything to sleep in, and it was definitely labeled as either a "sleep shirt" or "nightie," I forget which. This is the same company from which I have since purchased both shackles (from the Pirates of the Carribean ride's gift shop) and "Imperial Binders" (from the Star Wars gift shop), so they are either kinkier than they let on, or more oblivious/naïve than a megacorp has any right to be. ;-)
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    I never understood why this was a big deal. A King from Memphis is seen among the living many years after his death? Been there. Done that.
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    Sweveham, I've enjoyed having you and your contributions here. You will be missed but I hope you will find pastures greener elsewhere. And if you feel like peeking in from time to time, you will always be welcome.
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    This may be the most painful page of EGS that I have read in quite a while. I don't think I have seen anything even near it since the time Tedd acknowledged Mr. Verres' transphobia. It is clear that Susan has held a mental image of her father close in which she tried to preserve at least some sort of person worthy of love. It would be easier to think of him as someone who started with good intentions but stumbled into a bad mistake. Being brought face to face with the possibility that not even this much was true... yes, anger and denial are two of the first steps. Having it all intermixed with her immensely traumatic experience with the vampire back in France would not make it any better, to put it mildly. I am torn. Nanase unquestionably meant well. But I am starting to think that she would have done better to think this more carefully through. Even so, I am doing this from hindsight so I am not precisely in a position to criticise her. Her intentions are obviously good and based on the fact that not only is Diane in danger, she also deserves to know of her half-sister's existence... and that Susan deserves to know the truth as well. The problem with that is that while truth indeed has the power to set you free, it can also open old wounds and do grave harm. It is for that very reason that Ellen rejected the notion of telling Tedd what they had learned about his mother. This situation is of similar complexity and may well reopen old wounds for Susan... and possibly even make them worse.
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    I do not normally comment in person but once again I feel compelled to make an exception. Whatever other issues of policy may be at hand, I am greatly concerned by the president-elect's apparent intention to disengage from old alliances across the world. NATO in particular has been of obvious importance to my homeland. Denmark is a small nation with little in the way of military power and is situated in a position of immense strategic importance to Russia. NATO has helped ensure a long peace in Europe, one which has lasted most of my lifetime with few interruptions. On such occasions where other nations have attacked the US, my homeland has every time reciprocated by placing forces, planes and naval vessels at the disposal of the US. Also, it is worth noting that the esteemed JML of this forum has served the US in Europe for a number of years and thus aided in extending this peace, for which I owe him my thanks and gratitude. No alliance lasts forever, of course. But I must confess to feeling strong pangs at the thought of NATO coming apart, not to mention considerable worry at the thought of what Putin and similar strongmen might do to take advantage of it. That other similar detentes around the globe are also in danger does nothing to reassure me, I fear.
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    I hope not. Apple is to full of themselves now. Plus guidelines from on high should not be in a proprietary format Information wants to be free DRM is spawn of the Evil Ones.
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    Sadly, most people get more formal training for their paid jobs than they do for (what should be) their most important job. Edward Veres has done some things wrong in the process of raising Tedd. But I still would not call him a bad parent
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    I think you are all wrong. He's a manipulative jerk. He wants Elliot to be trying to prove he's not a coward at a future event.
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    I think Max is in charge of training hunters. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=1368 http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=1376
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    And what have female toads done to you to make you want to do that to them? I mean, really, isn't being a toad bad enough with out asshole male toads showing up?
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    Dangit. I was in the middle of making this thread. Stupid Wi-Fi signal... So...show of hands. Who here thinks Tedd "more dangerous rarity" Verres is this rare type of wizard? Back before the Crash, I speculated that Magic changing has to do with werewolves being a thing in the past but not the present.
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    Weren't you paying attention? 168 hours means sleep is for the WEEK. So she can sleep for several days at a time. How much does she need to sleep overall? Humans spend about one third of their day sleeping. Does Pandora spend a week sleeping and is then up for a fortnight? Can she vary the frequency, one month asleep and two months awake or one day asleep and two days awake? Or is the Immortal internal clock cycle around the week like human metabolism cycles around the day? Or does she get so bored with the world that she occasionally knocks herself out for extended periods just to see if anything surprising has happened while she was sleeping?
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    Christopher Robin Hood -- Robs from the rich to give to the Pooh
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    Poor Dan. I'm glad he shared with us just how hard it was to create a comic with a character death. The Geek is strong with him. We may have only just met Blaike, but Dan has likely known him for years.
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    I have good feelings about Sonic. Here is why. David is my brother. And where he says 15 years, this was written a long time ago. He posts in every April 19th. As a side note, I posted this to BofhNet many years ago, which caused a Swedish bofh to stop at a Sonic on the 1st or 2nd day of a six-week long "drive across America" vacation. His kids liked Sonic so much that he changed his route a little so that they would be in a town with a Sonic as often as possible
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    I think we need to assist Elliot with his "reasonable doubt" defence.
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    Hmm, I don't see Grace really having a "genderfluid" mentality so much as an "agender" mentality. What I meant was that Elliot is the one person who could possibly relate to Tedd's internal struggle over what gender to be. Ellen has had a bit of gender dysphoria too, but she chose to go for fem and not turn back, so to speak, whereas Tedd and Elliot have wrestled with the question in more of a back-and-forth manner.
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    That, in itself, is part of the problem, I think. Why is it a "pinup poll" instead of a "Sketch poll" with pinup options? I really hope Dan knows some of us would really rather just have regular sketchbooks, instead of all these pinups which, frankly, some of them seem like they'd be better *without* the fanservice element. Maybe the pinups would win the voting anyway, but I do wish we could have a chance to find out.
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    I've seen the version, "I love my country, it's my government I fear." Seems to go along with the bumper sticker, "I have nothing against God, but his fan clubs are getting out of hand!"
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    The Moderator: No, it does not. There is no debate on these forums at all. Trans people get referred to by their self-identified gender here. Deliberately denying them their personal identity and lived experience is transphobic and hence against the forum rules. Anyone who does not respect this will first get warned and if they do not heed this eventually banned.
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    Yep. He who sees the power can manipulate the power, no matter in what form it exists.
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    You know, some days I really get tired of the hate showered indisciminantly on politicians. Or lawyers, or used car salesmen, or any other entire profession. The vast majority of people who run for an elected office do it because they honestly want to make the world, or at least their corner of it, a better place. They start out with something local, they see an injustice, and they step up and try to do something to fix it. Whether they succeed or not, they discover that they can indeed make a difference, or that inaction allows injustice to continue, and they carry on trying to make a difference. Sometimes they have to give up a promising career in some other field, or time with their families, or put up with insults from total strangers who know nothing about them but just assume they must be crooked. Not everyone agreed on what will make the world a better place. I know I'm not going to approve of all the changes every politician wants to make. Some of them want to make changes I would find horrific. But I don't automatically assume they're evil and trying to commit crimes, I assume that they see the world differently and that it might even be possible for them to change their minds someday about the things we disagree about. The current system makes it easy to make compromises for the sake of the greater good. Some of those compromises are moral ones, and some politicians end up on a slippery slope towards doing things they never intended, but I do not believe that is the overwhelming majority so many people seem to think it is. The term "career politician" is treated like it's one of the worst insults you can hurl, but why? Like any job, there are doubtless tricks of the trade, things you learn how to do better and better with more practice. Some people casually advocate a "throw 'em all out!" attitude. Why would we want our country to be run by a group of people none of whom have any experience at doing so? Seems to me the best way is to have some new members and some veterans to show them the ropes and provide continuity. Like, you know, any other business/profession/skill set. Are we really so cynical and pessimistic and even nihilistic that we'd each rather just assume everyone in the world is evil except ourselves?