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    I feel very tired. Trans visibility day always falls on March 31. Easter happened to fall on March 31. Certain Republican douchevolcanoes decided to pretend to be angered by this and demanded an apology from trans people in a blatant attempt to stir up outrage among their voters. This is offensive in so many ways. Just to mention a few: 1) They are demanding that trans people apologize for existing. They know perfectly well we won't and plan to use our refusal to further outrage their befuddled and frightened voters. 2) Their pretense that it is somehow the responsibility of trans people that a holiday that falls on a different day EVERY YEAR happens to coincide with an unrelated holiday this year. 3) Their use of a holiday meant to honour a man who preached tolerance and acceptance as a tool to further promote hatred and intolerance. 4) Their assumption that their voters are so blisteringly dim-witted so as not to know how calendars work. 5) The possibility that a number of them actually are that dim offends me personally. Sigh.
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    The Old Hack

    Deep Thoughts

    You get a Lamp of Diogenes and use it for lighting in Plato's Cave. Once inside you cross the Einstein-Rosen bridge to where you will find the box with Schrödinger's Cat. The replacement blades lie right next to the box.
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    Comic for Monday, Feb 26

    I am thinking that an Immortal who marks a person leaves some detectable trace behind, so they effectively have Pandora’s “fingerprints” on them.
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    Shouldn't those boxes be classifed as Hope Chests?
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    My grandfather was in the Army Air Force and spent the war in Alaska and the Aleutian islands. As far as he was concerned the weather was as big of an enemy as the Imperial Japanese were.
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    My dad's job during WWII was aircraft quality control across multiple factories. He was not only exempted from the draft, he was kicked out (and sent back to flying his private plane over the western US and Canada making sure airplane parts from factory A connected properly with parts from factory B ) all four times he enlisted.
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    Speaking of the defeat parade, apparently the T-34 caught wind of a rumour that it was to be sent to Ukraine after the parade and tried to injure itself to avoid going into the grinder. https://twitter.com/DarthPutinKGB/status/1655946975836262400?cxt=HHwWgMDS2YfAjfstAAAA
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    Thus causing millions of people to get more exercise by taking the stairs, instead. Brilliant!
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    Pharaoh RutinTutin

    Deep Thoughts

    Can I believe someone who claims to be an expert on the Dunning-Kruger effect?
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    Comic for Monday, Apr 8, 2024

    Politicians make excellent subjects for beginners’ anatomy classes: they have no brains, no spines, no hearts, no guts, and no balls.
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    https://www.egscomics.com/comic/hope-035 I am seriously wondering how much of a mess Pandora left her memory, expecting Hope to sort it all out later. Pandora left the keys to her brain under the mat and Hope walked in without getting the realtor or landlord to sign off on preexisting damage.
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    Deep Thoughts

    The King formerly known as Prince?
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    Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "The Human has stopped coughing and is sorta up an moving. And he wants to sit in this chair. Meh, might as well let him" - Explorer the Cat.
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    Oh, one other thing - Mrs. Prof strode out of the computer area Saturday afternoon and pronounced, "Someone loves me, and it isn't you," with a grin on her face. She then showed me a pair of silly-looking cat slippers that someone for whom she had done a favor had sent her as a gift. Nice, comfy looking. Still, not a challenge one should allow to go by if at all possible, and in this case, I had a retort. You see, I had ordered her a birthday gift - a pair of lab-grown diamond earrings (small diamonds, but that's all I could afford) - and I'd hoped to give them to her at Friday's family Thanksgiving get-together. Well, UPS thwarted that with late delivery, but they did deliver while she was out running a cat errand Saturday morning. I'd opened up the package and was ready to spring it on her at the proper time, and wouldn't you know it, she presented the proper time with her little "someone loves me" remark. So, after letting a few comedy beats pass for effect, I went and retrieved the Zales box and brought it over to her. I then pronounced, "Someone loves you, and it's me," and handed her the box. The look on her face was priceless. She appreciated the gift very much, especially after I reassured her that I didn't break the bank in purchasing them (they were $59 plus tax - like I said, they were small). I had her try them on, and she looked lovely in them. Mission accomplished, on both fronts.
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    Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "The Human got a shot yesterday,so he's feeling a bit down this morning. I'll help by being close and purring" - Explorer the Cat.
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    Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "The Human is still feeling down. Purrs and cuddles is the mission of the day!" - Explorer the Cat.
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    Frankly, I don’t even care whether he’s jailed or not as long as he no longer has any influence over national or international affairs.
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    The Old Hack

    Sleep shopping

    My partner once got six economy-sized bags of cat treats she didn't remember ordering. When challenged on the matter, her cat pretended to complete innocence.
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    Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "I'm back home! Didn't like the safe place. There was a small yappy dog!" - Explorer the Cat.
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    Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "You look funny upside down!" - Explorer the Cat.
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    Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Gonna hang out in here for awhile, then join The Human in the living room. Suspect I'll be on his shoulders in a bit." - Explorer the Cat .
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    Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "The Human has gotten up late. As soon as he gets in the desk chair I'm gonna sit on him" - Explorer the Cat
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    What Are You Ingesting?

    You make me feel inadequate. I feel good if I make a meal that takes more than one pan and has more than 3 ingredients.
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    I still fucking love that when Putin declared that Ukraine was not a country, the Ukrainians responded by withdrawing Volodymyr the Great's charter for the founding of Moscow, revoking its right to exist as a city.
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    “Some of you may die, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.”
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    You don't belong at this desk!
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    Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Taking my morning nap. Why you bother me?" - Explorer the Cat.
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    Fort Gregg-Adams. Not named after a traitor any more.
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    Generic Table top gaming.

    Way back in the day, like 76 or 77 the DM for one of my games was an Episcopal priest, just for what it's worth.
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    Does the comics authority still censor issues where the characters get stoned?
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    Mrs. Prof's father went ashore with the second wave at Omaha beach that day. Unarmed, as a medic. He made it all the way to Germany, methinks. I'd have to ask again, but she's gone to bed. Let her sleep.
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    Russian tank identification guide for Ukrainian AFV For those that don't get the meta joke the tank labeled as "M1 Abrams" is in fact a Leopard 2. Also for those that don't follow the Ukrainian war daily, Russia has claimed it's destroyed multiple Leopards and has released a video of one being destroyed by a helicopter fired anti tank guided missile. The thermal image is of the tractor in the lower right. Leopard 2 have not been used in combat by Ukraine at this time
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    You need to re-read your "Traveller" lore. :-) Of course Traveller backstory is the correct future history, even when parts of it are prehistoric on Terra.
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    Their treatment of Hong Kong qualifies as a show stopper as well.
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    It was one of the defining moments of my post military life. To this day I try very hard to avoid buying things made in the PRC. I'm aware that this is harder than it should be.
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    The Pyramids were never supposed to go anywhere. The Sphinx, on the other paw, was . . . Well, you know how difficult it can be getting a small cat to do what you want . . .
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    The problem is that urban warfare is a rather different animal than urban law enforcement. I am very much afraid that the proliferation of automatic weaponry, hand grenades and more modern tactics has made it a bad time to be a horse in a place like Kherson or Bakhmut. This is not even mentioning open land. Horses might still be useful for transport, I admit, but the wise rider will keep his animal away from the front lines. This gives me an amazing mental image of a moon base where astronaut cavalry patrols its environs on spacesuited horses.
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    To be fair to Hitler, he at least did somewhat better during his initial invasion of Ukraine.
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    I imagine Odin and Athena had quite a play-by-mail chess game going with Nymphs and Valkyries delivering the moves back and forth as well as acting out the game on a giant board.
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    Of course she would not stream a movie, if it was available to rent at Tensaided's store. As for the movie-going party? The group she identified as "people Tedd does not know" may include members of whom Tedd may be aware, but does not know well. She's going with. Cambot, Gypsy, Tom Servo & Crow.
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    Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "I'm taking a nap here. Why the flashy thing?" - Explorer the Cat.
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    Well, they was just after the 2 storm shadow, 1 decoy attack so they might have been a bit trigger happy. Also given that Russia and Ukraine have the same air frames and electronics they have the same IFF units so some mode of IFF will respond the same way. They may have used the wrong mode and gotten a return, which the Russian aircraft had been told to disable. Don't know if this is possibe, but I know that NATO aircraft during exercises would turn off mode 3, but use mode 4. A target the squawked mode 4, but not mode 3 was considered to be friendly. Aircraft that squawked mode 3 only (i.e. commercial aircraft) were evaluated based on their actions. Now IFF is supposed to be coded on a daily or even 4 times a day basis, based on code books sent to the various users. My personal bet it that the ADA units on the ground and the flying units didn't get the same code books, so IFF request goes out, aircraft doesn't squawk the right response, it's hostile. Or the Russians are just idiots, could go either way.
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    One T-34 in the Moscow May 9th parade. Might as well not have any tanks. They have, at last count, 30 functional T-34 (bought from Laos just for parades). No T-14, none of the "modern" APC/IFV. As a victory parade goes, this was close to not having one. https://twitter.com/osinttechnical/status/1655843168225488899?s=46&t=axBHjyvbThecDAhWKWTJNw
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    On a related note, the anti-war pro-Putin faction in Denmark has come up with an amazing new argument. One side effect of Denmark sending as much gear as possible to Ukraine is that when we replace it, it is generally with newer and better materiel. I mean yes it is not great that it is old stuff the Ukrainians are getting but at least they are getting it right away. But Denmark still needs vehicles and weapons of its own and replacements obviously tend to be more modern. The Putinists are referring to this as 'stealth mobilization' and is warning that this will lead... to Denmark taking a more aggressive stance against her neighbours. ... ...dafuq? Denmark is literally the smallest nation in all of northern Europe with the possible exception of Luxembourg. I don't think we've waged a war of expansion since the 17th Century, and the ones we fought in then did not end well. Well, yes, Luxembourg is smaller than Denmark but I do not quite see the Danish Army beat aside the Germans and the French on our way there. I swear to God, the Putinists have lost control of their single brain cell and it is desperately hiding from them now. (In my teens I did once formulate a plan for Denmark regaining control of southern Sweden, but it involved airdropping large amounts of Schnapps and beer over strategically important junctions and then moving in with truckloads of more booze we would hand over for free. I figured we would be greeted as liberators because of Sweden's near-Prohibition level control of alcohol sales. Sadly, my plan never gained much traction, though my military acquaintances did say it was a lot less likely to lead to mass casualties than conventional warfare.)
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    The Ukrainian government has said that it wasn't them. If I was going to make a symbolic attack on Russia/assassination attempt on Putin this time of year, I would wait until the May 9th victory parade. Then you will know exactly where Putin will be and when. A short range loitering munition/suicide drone should be able to deal with him. Granted it would need to be fairly self guiding as the amount of ECM being used in Red Square is rather high. At least GPS is being jammed for a about a half mile radius.