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    The Old Hack

    Story, Monday February 12, 2018

    In an odd way, I was wrong about Van. He isn't there to contribute a viewpoint. He is there to contribute emotion. He can even do that without words, and he does it well. I'm glad.
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    The Old Hack

    EGS Strip Slaying

    You see, this particular forum works in the following way. You take one or several frames from the EGS comic, possibly rearranging their order, and replace the text in the speech balloons with some sort of humorous meme or comment on life or the comic... ...why are you all looking at me like that?
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    Story, Monday February 12, 2018

    Something about this page manages to evoke an emotional sense of "the narrative rises up in preparation for the crescendo" in me. I like it.
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    NP, Monday February 12, 2018

    I know exactly how I feel about this GAHHH DO NOT WANT!
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    The Old Hack

    Story, Monday February 12, 2018

    Plausible "Hello, is this Air France? I would like to order two vampire hunters, an exorcist and a mummy exterminator."
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    Story, Monday February 5, 2018

    Cue Yakety Sax music.
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    Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    And here I thought it was started by someone holding a beauty contest where the winner got an apple. The contest was the incident that sparked the war, but the war wouldn't have been anywhere as big if it wasn't for the oaths that pulled all the Greek nations into it. I was doing dramatic exaggeration but you are actually 100% correct. The Greek Gods and their myths tend to be excellent allegories for human behavior. I think I've heard it said that the old Greek created their Gods in their own image, in fact. The Greeks understood people pretty well, and figured their gods would be more than mere mortals, so they imagined the gods as people but more so. The gods had all the virtues and shortcomings that mortals had, but dialed up to a 'divine' scale. Larger than life, to use a popular turn of phrase. And today's celebrities are often said to appear larger than life (or at least try their best to project an appearance of being such).
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    Story, Monday February 12, 2018

    Magic called on the Seers to provide it with a human perspective, but didn't give them the perspective needed to properly provide their own perspective. And subtlety is hard even when you don't have the perspective of a diffuse entity spread across an entire planet(or more) Are we sure that magic going public isn't what he wanted? Or at least part of what he wanted? Voltaire wanted Tedd bitter and distrustful towards Magic. If she was distrustful towards Magic, she likely wouldn't have believed what it said about Pandora coming back, meaning she wouldn't have calmed down and likely would be unable to convince Magic to go public while so filled with anger and pain. Magic calming her down required a level of trust from her. Also, plan CM was likely never intended to traumatize Ted (though Voltaire certainly considered that a bonus) The purpose of Plan CM was probably an attempt to discredit technology as a significant threat vector for Magic's reveal, which it did (or almost did, depending on what Tedd says in the next comic) AND a travel agent. A woman of multiple talents! Well, freelance Monster hunting likely doesn't pay well in the modern era, so she needs some way to pay her bills. I doubt he would take that route. For one, he wouldn't get to enjoy the benefits of all his hard work (his next incarnation would, but that would be a new person). And for two, he went through a lot of effort to maneuver Pandora into breaking the Laws. If he was willing to break the Laws himself, he could have just done that and not have dealt with Plan Complicated Mess at all. He could have just killed Elliot himself instead of trying to get Tara to do it for him.
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    That is taking it somewhat too far. My belief in Murphy's Law is not in a religious sense but rather in the engineer's sense. "I need to eliminate as many ways this can conceivably go wrong as possible. If I don't, someone will someday stumble on the flaw in my design and will all too likely do so in a very painful and possibly terminal way." Admittedly I am not in a position where carelessness of mine is likely to hurt a large number of people but as a rule of thumb it still strikes me as attractive -- the more careful I am, the less likely I am to get myself or people around me into trouble. As an aside, this was an important part of my father's work before he retired. He is a doctor specialising in clinical chemistry and one of his particular interests is to devise an international standard for such work which includes designing procedures so they are as safe and error-proofed as possible. As an example, back when I was a paramedic in the Army I was supposed to deal with pairs of blood samples from three hundred soldiers. This procedure was... not very well thought out. We had six hundred test tubes, had to fill two of them with blood samples from each soldier, and we did not get the sample labels until after we were finished drawing the blood. In other words, I sat there with six hundred labels to fit on six hundred test tubes full of blood and had to hope like Hell that the test tubes had been placed in the grids in the right order in both trays -- yes, to maximize confusion each pair of test tubes were placed in different trays in what was optimistically hoped to be the matching position on both trays. Oh yes, and if a mistake happened? Clearly it would be the fault of the paramedic doing the work. After I had related this tale to Dad, he said that this was exactly the sort of disastrous lack of organisation he and his colleagues were striving to do away with. A proper procedure, he stated, would have all the test tubes labeled with the name and number of each soldier and before you tapped the blood into the test tubes you showed them to the donor and asked them if the label matched their identity. Both vials. And so in one fell swoop you eliminate a huge number of potential errors from the process. Very dangerous errors, too. I am sure I don't need to give examples of possible bad consequences. That is what paying one's dues to Murphy means. It doesn't mean a nihilistic everything-will-go-wrong-anyway attitude. It means that smart designs are less likely to lead to avoidable human mistakes.
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    Story, Monday February 12, 2018

    I think he wants a severe change. Tedd wanted Magic to be public and Voltaire acted to traumatise him.
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    Pharaoh RutinTutin

    EGS Strip Slaying

    The only way Principal Verruckt would try making those the official uniforms in canon would be if a laundry service and several murals were included.
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    All right, all right. I'll pay you two thousand credits, and fifteen thousand when we get there. But no Imperial entanglements!
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    EGS Strip Slaying

    Background Checks and Competition: