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    SeriousJupiter reacted to InfiniteRemnant in Story: Wednesday, April 6, 2016   
    Okay, I suppose you have a point there, but if the situation were that desperate i would expect more active effort towards recruiting individuals known to have powers. to go with your superhero metaphor, where's the JLU? The kids have been seen saving the day, it's shown up online and on tv, some of the incidents are weeks or months old at this point, DGB supposedly keeps tabs on them, and Susan has experience 'hunting' yet there hasn't been a peep in canon.
    I dunno, maybe refusing to accept Xeno's theories is just me being cynical or stubborn, but they're full of holes and what if's, and every answer I've been hearing to those holes just raises more questions...
    It just doesn't add up for me. I know there's nothing concrete, but at-least to me, It makes more sense for it to be false than true.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to InfiniteRemnant in Story: Wednesday, April 6, 2016   
    this explanation makes more sense than the innumerable egg theories, mainly because it doesn't involve introducing a rule seemingly for the sole purpose of breaking it.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Xenophon Hendrix in Story: Friday April 8, 2016   
    I believe Elliot is assuming that Edward and DGB have done background checks on all of Tedd's friends who are in the know about the paranormal. Way back in one of the early comics Tedd warned Elliot that their phone conversations probably were bugged.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Arcanimus in Story: Wednesday, April 6, 2016   
    Noah's age wouldn't necessarily be a limiting factor. We don't know the how long an egg takes to mature and hatch. Given that we don't know Noah's birthdate, (and according to the wiki he's a year younger than Tedd) it's still a possibility. Also consider that its possible that a "dominant" donor may contribute more to the mix in the egg, as appears to be the case with Grace, Hedge, and Guineas, all of whom appear to take many (if not most) of their traits from their human donors.
    After some thinking, and embarrasingly remembering that Susan's natural hair color is Blonde, I think its far less likely that Susan and Diane are related to Noriko, and more likely that they are related to Noah. After all, we do have evidence of Noah conjuring magical weapons.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Wildcat in Story: Wednesday, April 6, 2016   
    These are all possible of course, but none of these characters look at all asian.
    I also dislike tying them back in like that thematically. They all have reasons to be there already, it kinda decreases the depth and breadth of the world instead of increasing it by making things spiral more closely around Noriko. As it is, Noriko's family is important and likely a driving force to the story, but not the only thing that's important.
    I'd much rather see a new character fill the role, or have it turn out to be a minor character. Though I don't think there's any minor characters currently that fit.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to The Old Hack in Story: Wednesday, April 6, 2016   
    Er... that presupposes that Susan would be able to remember her father's betrayal but not the fact that she has a twin sister. I can't get that to work.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Scotty in Story: Wednesday, April 6, 2016   
    Yeah, the best explaination was the adoption would have happened just shortly after birth. If Susan's dad is her biological father then he probably only agreed to adopt one of the twins and the other was adopted by the same couple that adopted Rhea. I kinda wonder if Mrs Pompoms was even capable of having children. Maybe she had asked Mr Pompoms about the possibility of adopting someday and when Mr Pompoms' got his mistress pregnant it would have been easy to say yes to adopting, especially if the mistress didn't want to keep the children in the first place.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Wildcat in Story: Wednesday, April 6, 2016   
    It.... really doesn't matter if he's her "real" father or not. He was responsible for her, and had her complete trust, and he betrayed it horribly. It might, however, help her understand what happened and why, which can be a big step to healing.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Pharaoh RutinTutin in Story: 2016, April 4th (Monday)   
    Susan would be the expert on any sort of Data plan.
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    SeriousJupiter got a reaction from Tobyc in What Are You Watching?   
    I finally went to see Zootopia. It was awesome, well worth all the hype and every good thing I'd heard about it was true. Definitely the best Disney movie since Frozen (not that there are many inbetween, but still). I couldn't have been more wrong when I thought it was going to be as bad as Chicken Little when I first heard about it months ago. I may not be as prejudiced against any future movies about talking animals now.
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    SeriousJupiter got a reaction from Matoyak in Story: Friday, April 1st 2016   
    I really wish we'll get to see Susan and Diane meet before another date storyline. Sure, this date has been much more interesting than I expected, but I honestly have no high hopes for Sarah/Sam OR Justin/Luke. They might join the group eventually, but I'm in no hurry for that. This particular plot thread is much older and much more important.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to RainbowWizard in Story: 2016, April 4th (Monday)   
    Congratulations Elliot. You're now a magi-cyborg. Get a better smartphone, fool! You now can watch Youtube videos and read internet forum threads directly via your body while superheroing.
    On second thought, let's not read internet forum threads, they are a silly place.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to The Old Hack in Story: Friday, April 1st 2016   
    Oh my God yes. I still remember an infamous annual report from the Danish nuclear test station at Risoe. At the time it was led by a physicist named Dr. Hiller.
    Due to incautious use of the spell checker, his name was spelled 'Hitler' throughout the entire report. I am morally certain that the poor man did not deserve that.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Tobyc in Favorite Quotes   
    " Life isn't some cartoon musical where you sing a little song and all your insipid dreams magically come true. So let it go. "
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    SeriousJupiter got a reaction from The Old Hack in Things that make you MAD   
    I'm so sorry to hear that. Now I feel silly for testing your sense of humor yesterday.
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    SeriousJupiter got a reaction from The Old Hack in Things that make you MAD   
    I'm so sorry to hear that. Now I feel silly for testing your sense of humor yesterday.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to exterminator in NP Monday March 28, 2016   
    The guy probably thought it was worth a shot...
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to exterminator in NP Monday March 28, 2016   
    Hey, you just shot me,
    and that is crazy,
    but here's my number
    so call me, maybe?
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Ser Pentrose in Story Wednesday March 30, 2016   
    Heh, I could totally see me forgetting some important detail that was mentioned in passing. I would also feel like an idiot for doing so even were it totally understandable that I forgot, or more likely that it didn't register as important information and thus not be stored properly.
    Furthermore I recall reading somewhere that when under stress it's harder to recall things, which is why people will be taking a test and totally blank out on the subject at hand. (Which is why doing relaxation exercises before a test can actually help you pass)
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Matoyak in Story Wednesday March 30, 2016   
    To be fair to her, though, we don't know when that flashback takes place, right? Andrea's been here for months, and the actual flashback could be years ago. Especially if this half of the world is a particular interest area for Andrea. If Tara is used to Andrea giving out random facts about this world, then it's easy to let it gloss over. Think about any time your S.O. has talked to you about a specific detail of their work or school major. These are topics that come up enough to make you think you've heard it all and don't really need to completely grab hold of the specifics... especially if it's in a field you understand little about and have already decided won't ever fully understand. When I talk about specific aspects of learning programming, there's no way my gf would be able to remember specific trivia about a random language construct. She doesn't know enough about the subject for the info to do her any real good, and doesn't care about it beyond it being something I like, and thus she likes it by virtue of it making me happy.
    Point is that unless we learn this flashback is specifically their preparation for both of them coming over to this world, there's ample reason to not get too down on Tara for not remembering this one aspect of the world.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to CritterKeeper in Things That Make You Happy   
    I'm happy about how happy something made me!
    I think I've mentioned that our local public library is closed for renovations.  For the next year and a half, they'll be moving 40% of the collection to a temporary location, which will be opening in one week.  Anything not in their top 40% (or checked out when the main place closed last week) will be in storage, completely inaccessible, and we'll have to request stuff through interlibrary loan to get any of that material.
    The temporary location happens to be directly across the street from our animal hospital.  Pretty cool, to get to have the official public library close enough to walk to on half a lunch break!  They're still putting the place together, and I went and peeped through the windows at lunch today.  There were shelves, some full and some empty, chairs, computers, check-out stations, most of the necessaries were in place.  I could even see stairs leading down to a basement area, which were prettied up and not blocked off, making me think there's more library down there, too.
    As I stepped away from the window to walk on to Subway, I realized I was grinning from ear to ear!  I'm feeling so excited that we're getting a new library to explore right across the street!  Books and movies and programs and magazines....it doesn't matter that it's less than half what we already had access to every day anyway, and what will be there is the same old stuff.  It's still so cool!
    I'm happy that I still feel that child's excitement at the thought of what can't help but feel at least a little like having my very own special library, moved there just for me.  That I can't wait to explore the new space, discover where everything is, stumble across new stories I haven't read before.  I can't wait to see what sort of children's area they come up with, what sort of displays, how they'll work around having so much smaller a space.  Maybe sneak over there at lunch when I'm not tied up in surgery, and just sit and read.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to CritterKeeper in Last Post Wins   
    I have no idea of my tolerance because I can't stand the taste of alcohol and thus don't drink.  It would be a great scam if it ween't true, because almost every time I tell people this, someone insists that they know of something that there's no way I'd be able to taste the alcohol, and/or that it's so great I won't mind, and a fair few offer to get me some to try.  Thanks to the fact that my area's Regional Gathering has an event called Pretentious Drinking, I have had the chance to try a sip of quite a variety of alcoholic beverages, and every single one tastes like cough medicine to me.  They're disgusting and I just can't manage more than a little sip, before making the exact same face cats make when they smell alcohol.
    I tried starting with watered wine, but that either has so little flavor to it that there's no point, or it passes the threshold for cat-face.  The only thing I ever tried that was anywhere close to acceptable was a mead at a RenFaire, but I've tried other meads since then with no luck.
    At this point, I'm happy to just be a non-drinker -- I've seen how much other people spend on booze, and I've seen the stupid things people do when drunk.  I grew up in a university town, and after every weekend there were blurbs in the paper about kids falling off balconies, getting hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, passing out at frat parties with tragic results, stepping out in front of cars, or whatever else.  I can have fun without alcohol, so why bother?
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Cpt. Obvious in NP Wednesday March 23, 2016   
    Hey it's not that we ignore the laws of physics, it's just that we view them more as polite suggestions...

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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Zorua in Things That Make You Happy   
    You wanted kitten pictures. There's only three of them now (see the Sad thread), but there's still kitten pictures.

    So little...
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to PSadlon in Things That Make You Happy   
    It was beige, now it's not.