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    The Album, and Other Music

    So, your music... It seems it goes past 11..
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    NP Monday Mar 12 2018

    And the game goes on. Neato. Or an Easter Egg. Bunnies ARE nearby. Sneaky Dan. I wanna be... Ya know the rest.
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    Just keep in mind that kids with actual, documented disorders have a notoriously difficult time getting them recognized and getting the services they need. I find it a lot more likely that the district was deliberately obstructive and derelict in their duties to kids with genuine need, in order to avoid having to pay a dime more than the state would cover. When the state raised the percent they'd cover, there were plenty of needy kids waiting, so of course they were able to meet the new limit -- and if the state hadn't had such a low limit, there were many more kids who should have gotten services who were denied strictly for budgetary reasons. Honestly, which do you think is more likely -- that there's a vast conspiracy between the school district and hundreds of doctors to convince thousands of parents that their kids have disorders they don't really have, or that the state and the district are too cheap and/or financially strapped to pay for services for every kid who should get them, and simply refuse to acknowledge any more of them than they think they can afford?
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    In the school district my kids attended, the percentage of kids that the district got extra state money for, because of diagnosed behavioral disorders, was by some amazing coincidence almost precisely the maximum percentage that the state officially considered believable enough that the money would be forthcoming. And it was stable at that level for five years that I know of. Then the state raised the allowed percentage. By about half. It took less than three years for the percentage of kids in the district that had diagnosed behavioral disorders to rise to the new state limit. And it was then stable at that higher level for several years that I know of. I think it's pretty safe to say that the rate of actual behavioral disorders did not shoot up by 50% in three years. And that either the pre-increase or post-increase rate being such close matches to the state cap, let alone both of them, kind of stretches credulity.
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    Questions for Q&A 8

    I've seen this In Real Life. About a 2 foot diameter hole in the door blocking it in a cabin. Done in less than a week. Solid door too, not a hollow core one.
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    I know, I borrowed a friend's Gremlin way back in the Seventies. It was a sawed-off Hornet that got terrible mileage and had terrible handling. However, I don't think Gremlins were particularly prone to bursting into flames, or coming already rusted new and having aluminum-block engines that overheated and warped. No, he was kidnapped along with Arthur Dent by the Vogons. That may not be a problem. One of the ways to get the necessary two Elliots and two Ellens would be for the Dewitchery Diamond to create more than one new body since there is arguably one more "curse" involved. A new Ellen could result as well as a new body for magus. Maybe their powers would be mixed up, too. Counting Magus in his new body as a second Elliot (Magus told Ashley he was his universe's version of Elliot), the second Ellen could be more or less identical to the first, or with Magus' memories as well as Elliot's pre-Ellen Prime memories. Or some other variation. There might be more than one Cheerleadra after the big split, and Ellen Mark Two won't be knocked out. Of course, of course video of the two Cheerleadras flying together will find their way onto the web, and there goes Elliot's alibi...
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    The Old Hack

    Story, Wednesday March 7, 2018

    Due to my own condition not being very well understood I was misdiagnosed at first. I spent seven years on an antipsychotic that did nothing for me save slowing me down and making me gain weight. I finally rebelled against my doctors and stopped using it, which immensely improved my quality of life -- relatively speaking. Unfortunately it also undermined my trust in medical professionals so I refused to take any medication at all after that. It took my wife-to-be four years to persuade me to try again with an antidepressant this time. Doctors are not perfect and patients are not always reasonable. Nonetheless we have to work with what we have. Superstitions about how mental illnesses affect their sufferers and how medication acts do not make this easier, unfortunately.
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    If they can do that where you live, then your laws are criminally lax. In Denmark the only way to buy antidepressants is with a doctor's prescription. And ordinary doctors in Denmark will decline to write prescriptions for this kind of drug if there hasn't been a psychiatrist involved initially and judged the use of such medication necessary. And superstitions are all well and good (or bad) but I entirely fail to see what they have to do with the level of happiness anywhere, save possibly indirectly.
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    Maybe not. Magus and Sirleck both have wanted to get to this place for a long time, although for different reasons. Ashley had never heard of this place until tonight (remember, Ashley didn't know that Ellen was created by the Dewitchery Diamond until Magus' told her tonight) . What's keeping Ashley here at all (she could just step through that window now; there's no glass in it) is her concern for Elliot and Ellen.
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    The Old Hack

    Story, Monday March 12, 2018

    Maybe the car was actually an Aberration and got destroyed when Pandora cast her last big spell.
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    Ashley has been notably observant in the past. As for the car missing - maybe the guard was dropped off by a friend or relative. Or lives close enough to walk to work.
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    Afoot? More like full on gallop.
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    Arthur wouldn't have had time to get extra agents to the facility, but he might have had time to make a quick call to the security guard. That might explain the lights being on (and would probably mean there are other things different from usual, perhaps some security spells active that wouldn't normally be), but it doesn't explain why there's no car. Unless the security guard's response to the news that the old artifacts were active was to get the heck out of there...
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    If Inger Støjberg got sacked, kicked out of Parliament and sent down to Den Haag to stand trial for crimes against humanity, I would party for at least a week. But I freely admit I wouldn't expect the American populace to care very much. Because antidepressants have nothing whatsoever to do with happiness. That is sheer superstition. It is medication prescribed for a biochemical imbalance in the brain that causes depression. It allows those who suffer from clinical depression (such as me) to operate at a level much closer to normal. It takes the edge off the worst depressive episodes so I, for example, don't actively contemplate suicide. What it doesn't do is make me happy. In order to be happy, I need something in my life that would, say, make people who AREN'T subject to depression happy.
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    This is true. I think I would hesitate to attempt it even within the confines of the esteemed Mr. Adams' own universe. I would take it even further. I would say that elites and elitism are both actively harmful. They accept members regardless of the actual quality in many cases and in others keep extremely talented people out based on some irrelevant criteria of family, social standing, gender, sexual orientation and so forth. In Danish schools working class children were discouraged from seeking scientific or artistic occupations because they weren't good enough. It took most of the 20th Century to beat this attitude even partly down.