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    I woke up at about two-thirty this morning to a kitten on my chest. I dunno if he got in through the door or someone let him in and put him there, but it was cute. He sat there for a bit, laid down and slept for a bit, played around chasing my fingers under the sheets, and just generally being adorable.
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    http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2318 French words, German words, Uryuom words....
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    If magic resets, Noriko will lose access to her magic. What will she think when she gets back to Moperville and discovers her disappointing son is leading the effort to discover and teach the new laws of magic?
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    And coming from a guy who's a fan of all the things you are a fan of, saying that it's "really weird" is really saying something!
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    Actually, I can't help wondering how long the Will of magic has been planning a reset. Anybody else think that it's not a coincidence that Tedd has the abilities he has? It's possible that someone like Tedd is born before there is a reset, in order to help figure out the new rules for magic.
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    A friend used to refer to feet under the blankets as "bed mice," since that's what his cats seemed to think they were. This is the same couple who named their trio "Yakko," "Wakko," and "Dot," one of whom was later nicknamed "Mr. Snugglesupwithus." I assume the door you're referring to was to your room and not your house; a completely unexpected kitten isn't always a good thing.
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    He's supposed to be just running to a bunker, not doing a song and dance number with a top hat and cane. The Plan: The "Doing it wrong"
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    I don't think Tedd is completely unique. Someone like him could be 1 in 500 million or so which would mean he'd likely be the only one in North America. But there's also the possibility that there's is always someone like him, when one dies, another is born to take their place. If someone like Tedd is meant to insure that Magic doesn't completely become forgotten, then it would make sense that such a failsafe is continuous, rather than it come to a point where its like "you know, I think in 18 years I might have to reset magic, better crank out a couple seers"
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    Angry ex-Mages are going to be wanting the head of whoever they think is to blame.
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    Yeah, considering it was Arthur that made the public statement that magic was real, anyone else that might have knowledge of system changes might blame him.
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    We know that Moperville is the flashpoint for a reset. If someone is thinking "this is the last straw", there's a whole lot of before-the-last-straw incidents out there. Those could be spread across the planet.
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    We also know Magic seems to have a sense of humor and occasionally trolls. That argues for some kind of consciousness.
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    If the Earth also sheds Sirleck and its entire elite class of Vampires as a result of the reset, Leifeld could come out looking pretty good.
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    First, how would they even know? Magic is not going to get all huffy over Moperville if it were a one-off. Odds are good that all the organizations across the planet that are working in the shadows are having trouble keeping magic a secret. For Leifeld to have authorized reset as department policy there would almost have to be a large body of opinion across the paranormal world that a reset would be favorable. I can't see a manager going out on a lib that far or Arthur convincing him to go it totally alone. Arguably, a reset threatens Vapires/Aberrents like Sirleck the most. Their lives are uniquely dependent on magic. While a reset hurts the forces of nceness, it really ruins the day for the worst monsters they face. Leifeld is already on the hook for having authorized the fallback from the "magic doesn't exist" line of defense. He ought to have already taken a good deal of pushback just from Arthur's TV appearance, which signaled the fallback.
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    Naw, the unwillingness to do so is because you've gotten what you wanted from them, so why spend any more?
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    Yeah, but that hasn't stopped people from looking for the storage medium they were saved in, the Archive and Retrieval Kit.
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    There's an easy solution to that. Make sure they have no medical insurance. That way they get to be homeless and traumatised so they will die fast without causing further trouble. A tried and true method used by governments through the ages. *sigh*
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    Maybe we can stick with the computer model here: Now in the case of Magic, the hardware layer would be stuff like energy and processes needed for spells and such to function, the user layer and libraries are the spells and such that humans, Uryuoms, etc can use, and the kernel layer is the api for which the user layer interacts with the hardware layer. Now Uryoums not being affected by a system change suggests that for them, the user layer can directly interact with the hardware layer without much need for the kernel all the kernel is for, after all, is to offload a lot of the work needed to get software to use hardware which reduces the amount of code. For humans though, they rely on the kernel as the method of working with the hardware and any change in the kernel could affect how the software works and could even break it entirely much like how Window XP and later had checks in place to detect if someone attempts to install a windows 9x program software developers had adjusted to make similar checks which is why we went straight from windows 8 to windows 10 because windows 9 would potentially break everything.
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    While I am not one to jump on the 'computer games corrupt our children and turn them evil' bandwagon I did once read an interesting argument for why certain computer games might result in dulling the "don't kill" reflex most people have built into them somewhere. It is a very complex matter described by Colonel Dave Grossman in his book 'On Killing' and deals with methods used to train soldiers in how to be more efficient killers, the psychological consequences of putting that training to use and the eerie overlap between this training and certain modern computer games. Unlike certain hysterics, I do not believe that Legend of Zelda or Bejeweled will turn children into psychopathic mass murderers. The issue is a bit more complicated than that. But I am no longer convinced that there is no relationship between modern entertainment media and increases in killing at all.
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    The Moderator: I am sorry but I am locking this thread for the time being. This has nothing to do with the posters here; you have all large and by done your best to stay within the limits I have imposed. Rather, it is because I am currently in a state of stress that makes it very hard for me to function as even-handedly here as a good moderator should. This is, in part, due to current affairs in my homeland. I do not wish to go into details but I loathe our current government with a burning passion and I do not think much better of the opposition. Even just looking at the Danish newspapers makes me want to hit things. I need to spend some time to re-center and I apologise for that. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. ~tOH.